24-hour Crisis Line: 713-970-7000, press 1
Crisis Text Line: Text “SUPPORT” to 713-970-TEXT from 6:00pm-1:00am
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Mental Health Outpatient

Comprehensive Psychiatric
Emergency Program

Intellectual Disability &
Autism Services

Mental Health Forensic



  • Current GAF < 50 and evidence of DSM-IV Axis I or II diagnosis, AND
  • In Harris County at the time of crisis, regardless of permanent residency, AND
  • Treatment at a lower level of care has been attempted / given serious consideration or theconsumer cannot or will not access outpatient or emergency room treatment , AND
  • Consumer must have consented to being assessed, and to any follow-up visits made (consents can be waived due to lack of capacity), and at least three of the following:
  • Pharmacotherapy requiring regulation and close ongoing physician and skilled nursing supervision.
  • Unable to currently participate in outpatient treatment without intervention to stabilize / organize and/or increase insight into illness and need for treatment.
  • Regression or further decompensation is very likely without this level of care and the consumer cannot / will not remain in a higher level of care.
  • Moderate impairment in communication or judgment that can resolve with intensive interventions leading to community functioning and tenure.
  • Physical or medical issues that compromise psychiatric treatment, but could stabilize with in-home follow-up.
  • Affective/behavioral liability which may resolve quickly with intensive pharmacotherapy or other interventions, but insight into need for treatment is lacking.
  • Affective/behavioral liability which needs close monitoring for potential harm to self / others if treatment is not maintained after discharge from higher level of care.
  • Wrap-around services are indicated to ensure linkage to outpatient care due to either historical lack of successful linkage, or current mental status which would make linkage difficult for the consumer on their own.
    1. Call the Mobile Crisis Outreach Team (MCOT) 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at 713-970-7520 or the MHMRA Helpline at 713-970-7070.
    2. If all MCOT workers are in the field, your referral will be taken by an MHMRA HelpLine caseworker that will notify an MCOT clinician immediately.
    3. Fax any evaluations, laboratory work-ups, or other important clinical information to (713-970-7555).

    The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD strives to provide high quality, efficient, and cost effective services
    so that persons with mental disabilities may live with dignity as fully functioning, participating, and contributing members of our community,
    regardless of their ability to pay based on a sliding scale rate schedule.

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