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The Network Management Department coordinates the following areas:

  • Respite Services - Routine (provided in-home or out-of-home): Planned or emergency short-term relief services provided to the consumer’s unpaid caregiver when the caregiver is temporarily unavailable to provide supports due to non-routine circumstances. This service provides a consumer with personal assistance in daily living activities (e.g., grooming, eating, bathing, dressing and personal hygiene) and functional living tasks. The service includes assistance with: planning and preparing meals; transportation or assistance in securing transportation; assistance with ambulating and mobility; reinforcement of behavioral support or specialized therapies activities; assistance with medications and the performance of tasks delegated by an RN in accordance with state law; and supervision of the consumer’s safety and security. The service also includes habilitation activities, use of natural supports and typical community services available to all people, social interaction and participation in leisure activities, and assistance in developing socially valued behaviors and daily living and functional living skills.
  • Crisis Respite – Out-of-Home: Therapeutic support provided in a safe environment with staff on-site providing 24-hour supervision to an individual who is demonstrating a crisis that cannot be stabilized in a less intensive setting. Out of home respite is provided in a setting for which the state provides oversight (for example, an ICF, a HCS group home, a DSHS-authorized crisis respite facility or crisis residential facility).

  • Crisis Respite – In-Home: Therapeutic support provided to an individual, who is demonstrating a crisis, in the individual’s home when it is deemed clinically appropriate for the individual to remain in his/her natural environment and it is anticipated the crisis can be stabilized within a 72-hour period.
The department is constantly seeking potential new providers for partnership with The Harris Center. If you are interested in learning more information about how to partner with our center please click here.


The Network Development Department serves children, adolescents, and adults currently receiving services through The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD.


The first step in the application process is to contact the individual's Service Coordinator and request a referral. The referral must include a valid Determination of Intellectual Disability (DID). If the individual does not have a Service Coordinator visit this link to learn how to access services.


Most consumers' provide their own transportation. Consumers with special needs for transportation should contact their Service Coordinators to find out if they are eligible for transportation services.


Individuals are assessed a fee based on ability to pay. This fee is determined at the time of intake.