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Harris County Psychiatric Center (HCPC)
2800 S. MacGregor
Houston, Texas 77021



Office: 713-741-6998 or 713-741-8633
Fax: 713-741-8647
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Our primary mission is to provide consultative services to physicians who treat consumers while they are admitted to the Harris County Psychiatric Center (HCPC) or the NeuroPsychiatric Center (NPC). Our services include:

  • Assisting patients admitted to HCPC to apply for The Harris Center's intellectual and developmental disability (IDD) services.
  • Providing intellectual and developmental disability consultation services to HCPC and NPC staff.
  • Providing liaison services between HCPC staff and The Harris Center.
  • Providing liaison services between Harris County Probate Courts housed at HCPC and The Harris Center.
  • Assisting the IDD Division Service Coordination Department with continuity of care planning for The Harris Center's individuals admitted to HCPC.


We serve individuals who qualify for intellectual and developmental disability services while they are admitted to HCPC or the NPC.


Requests for services originate with professional staff at HCPC, NPC, or The Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD.


Because we serve individuals while they are at HCPC or the NPC, no transportation is needed.


There is no charge to the individual for this service.