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  • Administrative Offices
    3600 Gessner
    Houston, Texas 77063
  • Applewhite Residential
    (281) 392-4482
  • Donsky Residential
    (713) 728-4950
  • Pasadena Cottages A&B
    (713) 472-3470
  • Westbury Residential
    (713) 723-5589
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Community Support: Jim McIngvale - "Mattress Mack"


Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with an Intellectual Disability
or related conditions (ICF/IID) Program

The Intermediate Care Facilities for Individuals with an Intellectual Disability (ICF/IID) program is a community-based residential service option provided in homes with six or fewer individuals. This ICF/IID program provides similar services provided in an HCS residential home. The services include staff available to assist individuals with identified needs, access to medical care, the opportunity to attend Day Habilitation or similar programs, and participation in community activities.

If you choose to access the ICF/IID residential option, you are able to keep your current placement on interest lists for home and community-based waiver services, such as HCS, Texas Home Living, Community Living Assistance and Support Services, and Deaf Blind with Multiple Disabilities programs.

For information about the ICF/IID program, please visit: http://www.dads.state.tx.us/services/intellectual/getservices.html. Information at http://www.dads.state.tx.us/providers/icf/search/index.cfm allows you to search ICFs/IID homes with vacancies by county, city or zip code. It also lists any special services or areas of expertise.

Applewhite House located in Katy, is a 6-bed group home for individuals (male or female) with moderate to profound intellectual disabilities.

Donsky House located in Southwest area of Houston, is a 6-bed group home for female with mild to severe intellectual disabilities.

Westbury House located in Southwest area of Houston, is a 6-bed group home for female with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities.

Pasadena Cottages are two ICF-IID programs for individuals (male or female) with the diagnosis of Autism or Pervasive Developmental Disorder.

The Individual Program Plans are structured to allow consumers to acquire and master the skills necessary to participate in the mainstream of community living. The basic training areas include daily living skills, behavioral intervention, vocational training, and functional academic skills. The plan is consumer driven. The Interdisciplinary Team ( IDT) process follows the principle of Person Directed Planning.

The following services are available based on the individual's needs:
· Physical therapy
· Occupational Services
· Audiological Services
· Nursing Services
· Social Services
· Speech Services
· Dietary Services
· Psychological Services
· Psychiatric services
· Therapeutic Recreation


To qualify for residency at one of ICF-IID programs, the potential resident(s) must:-

  • Be SSI or Medicaid eligible.
  • Have an intellectual disability diagnosis to qualify for Applewhite, Donsky and Westbury
  • Have Autism/ PDD diagnosis to qualify for Pasadena Cottages


Call (713) 970-8385 to access this service.


ICF-IID services are funded by Medicaid. Applied income payments are based on Social Security benefits. SSI recipients will receive reduced SSI benefits (Personal Needs Allowance). Social Security recipients are responsible for paying a portion of the cost of their care depending on their Social Security benefits. The amount a consumer pays, called "applied income" is established by their Medicaid eligibility worker.