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A Medicaid program of the Texas Department of Human Services and the Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation




has an open admission policy, without regard to race, color, religious preference or ethnic background.

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Home and Community Based Services Ultimate Living Home and Community Based Services (HCS) is a Medicaid Program which is certified according to standards established by the Texas Department of Mental Health and Mental Retardation. Home and Community Based Services enables eligible consumers to live in the family home or in the community while receiving support designed to maximize independent functioning and access to the community.

Services Offered to Consumers _____ Consumers of HCS services are eligible to receive the following services in their homes or in the residential facilities: © Case Management © Social Work Services © Speech Pathology © Habilitation © Nursing © Occupational Therapy © Respite © Physical Therapy © Adaptive Aids © Psychological Services © Minor Home Modifications © Dietary Services

Where Does The Consumer Live ?_____ In an apartment or house, like any other in the community, sharing the home with no more than three unrelated individuals with a developmental disability. Some may choose to return to the family home and receive support in maintaining normal family routines. Support is provided in each setting to ensure health, safety, and development of each consumer.

Case Management _____ Everybody needs somebody to talk to and somebody to help solve the problems of every day living. Whether helping you through a paper work jungle or just calling to find out how things are going, case management is there for you.

Social Work Services ________ Help for individuals to improve their social skills and to assist them in returning to the community.

Habilitation Services _____ Habilitation services provide hands - on help with everyday things. From eating and bathing to help on the job.

OT and PT _____ Specialized help for the specialized problems of individuals with physical impairments to preserve and improve range of motion, strength, tolerance, and coordination.

Speech ________ Help in communicating. This includes evaluation and consultation to improve skills in hearing and speaking.

Psychological Services ______ Coping with life can be such a problem. Psychological services are there when help is needed to improve cognitive, social and behavioral skills.

Nursing ________ Good health is one of the most important things in life. From giving prescribed medications and treatment to coordinating your medical services, your health is the nurse’s only concern

Respite Everybody needs a break. The primary caretaker needs an opportunity to be free from the responsibilities of caregiving for limited periods of time. Respite can provide up to 30 days per year.

Dietary Services _____ Good nutrition is essential to good health. Help with the selections of foods and diets, to enhance, not impair , your health.

Adaptive Aids ____ _____ From lifts to ramps, spoons to clothing, the mechanical things to make life bearable for those with physical impairments.

Minor Home Modifications _____ _____ Sometimes structural changes in the home are necessary to accommodate a person’s needs. From ramps, grab bars, and making that door a little wider, to modem voice and touch control technology, a little improvement can make living at home possible.

Admission Criteria _____ The Individual must : ¨ Be eligible for SSI benefits. ¨ Be eligible for ICF/MR Level of Care I, V, or VI. ¨ Be Harris County or Fort Bend County resident. For more information, contact: Ultimate Living P.O. Box 711035 Houston, TX 77271 - 1035 10103 Fondren, Suite 215 Houston, TX 77096 Phone: 713 / 272 - 6865 Fax: 713 / 272 - 0593