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HELP - 713-970-7070 For program information or
to make a referral:
713-970-7070 OR TDD: 713-970-7766

Mental Health Mental Retardation Authority of Harris County (MHMRA) provides mental health services for adults residing in Harris County.

Who is eligible for services?
An individual must be:

  • a county resident, at least 17 years old and diagnosed with schizophrenia, severe major depression, bipolar or schizoaffective disorders
  • in compliance with MHMRA financial criteria

How Do I Get Help?
Persons seeking psychiatric treatment at MHMRA may call or go to the Eligibility Center (EC). To be seen, you need proof of:

  • income
  • insurance coverage
  • record of any unusual expenses
  • number of people in the household
  • mail or bill showing that you live in Harris County
  • driver's license and social security card
Persons in crisis, unless they have medical complications, may go to the Neuropsychiatric Center (NPC) at 1502 Taub Loop (713/970-7070).

What Determines Which Services are Provided?
Services provided and how often they will be provided, will be decided by information such as the:

  • patient's diagnosis
  • symptoms, and functioning in school, home, and how they relate to others in their environment
  • what services are available

What Services are Available?

  • Medication Related Services
  • Counseling and Psychotherapy
  • Medication Training and Support
  • Employment Related Skills Services
  • Housing Related Skills Services
  • Coordination of Services
  • Other Independent Living Skills Services
MHMRA also provides services under the county jail system and Texas Correctional Office for Offenders with Mental Impairments with the following programs:
  • Forensic (Jail Services)
  • Pre-Trial
  • The Newstart Program

Where are Services Provided?

Pyramid House | Bayshore Outreach | Southeast Clinic | Northwest Clinic | Southwest Clinic | Ripley Clinic


Branard Street (dual diagnosis of mental illness and substance abuse) | Safe Haven

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